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Description: Coral de fogo
Fire coral

Banco de Abrolhos - popa Verde
Abrolhos bank - Popa verde reef
Keywords: brasil brazil bahia banco de abrolhos bank recife reef popa verde conservation horizontal international rap 4962_25 11/02/2000 coral hidrocoral hydrocoral cnidario cnidaria millepora alcicornis firecoral coral de fogo
Date: 19.06.2004 07:39
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replica yeezy boost for sale Declassified Soviet Research On Body Oxygenation by Artour RakhimovSDSVQP

In the 1960s,mont blanc pens for sale, before the first Soviet manned spaceship missions it was crucial for Soviets to find the optimum air parameters and investigate the relationships between air compositions and breathing,cheap gym red 11s for sale, body oxygenation,nike kobe 12, symptoms,replica jordans, and health. This confidential project was organized and funded by the Soviet Ministry of Aviation and Space Research in Novosibirsk. A young aspiring PhD Konstantin Buteyko,kobe 12 elite cheap, MD,fake ferragamo belts, an Honour Graduate of the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute was selected as a manager of the respiratory laboratory to lead this physiological project in Novosibirsk (Academgorodok). He was provided with the most advanced equipment,kobe 12 ad for sale, best available personnel and all other resources.

Doctor Buteyko studied breathing 24/7 measuring over 30 fundamental physiological parameters of the body in real time (see the picture),replica jordans, literally with each breath. He came with many startling conclusions related to breathing and body oxygenation. He found that virtually all sick people (asthma, bronchitis,fake jordans, heart disease,yeezys v2 for sale, diabetes,air max 97 for sale, cancer,replica mont blanc pens for sale, etc.) have heavy (deep and frequent) respiratory pattern breathing 2-4 times more air 24/7. However,hermes belts cheap, this heavy and deep breathing pattern reduces oxygenation of the body and produces many other negative physiological effects. Dr. Buteyko concluded,gym red jordans,

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He also investigated influence of numerous lifestyle and environmental factors on breathing and oxygenation. Many of his observations are confirmed by hundreds of separate western studies,cheap hermes belts, but Buteyko was able to put al ideas together,wholesale north face jackets, as a science which describes the role of breathing in control and modulation of the cardiovascular,fake ugg boots, immune,fake yeezy, nervous,mont blanc pens cheap, and digestive systems of the body.

Buteyko also discovered that it is easy to measure body oxygenation using a simple test. He stated,buy oakleys, “Oxygen content in the organism can be found using a simple method: after exhalation,ferragamo belt, observe, how long the person can pause their breath without stress.” (Buteyko,jordan 11 chicago for sale, ibid.) How to do the oxygenation test?

After your usual exhalation,north face jackets cheap sale, stop breathing,replica mont blanc pens, pinch your nose and count your stress-free BHT (breath holding time) in seconds. Keep nose pinched until you experience the first stress or desire to breathe. Practice shows that this first discomfort appears together with an involuntary push of the diaphragm or swallowing movement in the throat. (Your body warns you,north face jackets cheap, “Enough!”) If you release the nose and start breathing at this moment of time,oakley replica, you can resume your usual breathing pattern (in the same way as you were breathing prior to the test). Do not extend breath holding too long. This is the most typical mistake. The oxygenation test does not interfere with your usual breathing. The test should be easy and not cause you any stress.

Soviet doctors found that the following relationships generally hold true:

1-10 s of oxygen - critically and terminally ill patients,cheap kobe 11 for sale, severely sick,cheap ray bans for sale, usually hospitalized.

10-20 s – most patients with mild forms of diseases,gym red 11 for sale, numerous complaints and,gym red jordan 11, often,mont blanc pens replica, on daily medication.

20-40 s - people with poor health,gym red 11s, but often without serious organic problems.

40-60 s - good health,yeezy zebra cheap.

Over 60 s – perfect health,replica yeezy boost, when many modern diseases are virtually impossible.

Dr. Buteyko developed Buteyko Table of Health Zones,kobes 11 for sale, after analyzing hundreds of sick and healthy people in his respiratory laboratory,jordan 11 gym red, and presented it during his Lecture for the leading scientists at the Moscow State University in 1969. The Table reflects the health of his numerous hospitalized and severely sick patients,fake yeezys for sale, who started their journey for health at the very bottom of the table and climbed up,fake mont blanc pens, sometimes to the very top of the table (super-health in terms of body oxygenation,wholesale yeezys, lowest heart rate,cheap fake yeezys, slowest breathing rate,gym red 11s, etc.).

Buteyko generalized this table to a wide variety of conditions (heart disease,air jordans, cancer,gym red jordans 11s, diabetes,kobe 12, asthma,kobe 11 all star for sale, and many others). He considered this table as an important discovery since he applied for a patent. His patent application (METHOD OF ASSESSMENT OF HUMAN HEALTH) Application No. 99114075/14,uggs replica, can be found online in English.

Buteyko developed the breathing self-oxygenation therapy (the Buteyko method) to boost or restore oxygenation of the body. The oxygenation test became the main measuring tool for about 200 medical professionals who taught the Buteyko oxygenation therapy to hundreds thousands of Russian patients with asthma,replica hermes belts, heart disease,discount mont blanc pens, bronchitis,hermes belt, and other conditions. Their typical success rate was about 90% for asthma and heart disease. Most of the patients did not have symptoms and did not require any medication after 1-2 months of the self-oxygenation therapy. The Buteyko method was officially approved by the Health Ministry of the USSR in 1985.

These oxygenation doctors also applied the breathing therapy on themselves. Maximum breath holding time of Doctor Buteyko and some of his colleagues (after full inhalation) was up to 10-12 minutes! They found that people with such superior body oxygenation (about 3 minutes for the oxygenation test) sleep only for 2 hours naturally. Normally, this therapy was used by Soviet astronauts.

There are two parts in his breathing system: breathing exercises and common sense activities, which,cheap jordan 11 red, as they found,kobe 12 ad, influence body oxygenation. The final goal of the Buteyko breathing method is to have light,cheap replica oakleys, relaxed,yeezy cheap for sale, and slow breathing pattern with over 60 s of oxygen in the body.

Lifestyle factors can produce strong effect on breathing and tissue oxygenation. For example,replica mont blanc pens, Buteyko revealed that breathing through the mouth or sleeping on the back at night can reduce the oxygenation index (stress-free breath holding time) almost 2 times! In relation to other activities,cheap belstaff jackets, Doctor Buteyko even suggested simple rules for better oxygenation: “Eat only when hungry and stop in time”,replica hermes belt, “Go to sleep when really sleepy and get out of the bed in the morning”,cheap jordan 11 gym red, “Exercise with nasal breathing only”,ferragamo belt replica, etc. As Russian self-oxygenation doctors found,jordan 11 gym red, many other factors are useful for better oxygenation,ugg fake boots, for example,yeezys for sale, raw diets,yeezys cheap sale, good posture,jordan 11 gym red, normal thermoregulation,cheap kobe 11 all star, relaxation and meditation therapies,fake ray bans cheap, forgiveness,air jordan 11 gym red, sleeping on hard beds,gym red jordans for sale, moderation,cheap gym red 11s, hatha yoga postures,gym red jordan 11, cold shower,cheap oakleys, etc.

All these discoveries are useful in order to deal with those chronic conditions which exist only in conditions of tissue hypoxia. These include asthma,hermes belts, heart disease,fake uggs, chronic fatigue,cheap jordan 11 gym red, bronchitis,replica uggs, cancer,oakleys for sale, acne,buy jordan 11 chicago, sexual importance,ugg boots replica, diabetes,replica oakleys for sale, and many other disorders.

For over 20 years after completion of this secret project, Buteyko could not travel abroad due to the classified nature of his studies. Only in the 1990s were he and his pupils able to travel to the West,jordan 11 gym red for sale, share some of his discoveries and train breathing instructors. There are no over 300 Western Buteyko practitioners teaching elements of this self-oxygenation therapy in Australia, the UK, Holland,fake uggs for sale, New Zealand,fake ugg, the USA,replica ugg, Canada and other countries.

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